Heart Disease

informational design project to increase education on the global issue of Heart Disease

A main focus of the Electronic Media, Arts, and Communications corriculum at RPI is information design. The goal for this project was to support the sharing of information about a global issue of your choosing. As a member of Alpha Phi International Fraternity and a contributor to the Alpha Phi Foundation, a philanthropic organization with a focus on promoting women's cardiac care, I felt Heart Disease was an approporiate global issue for me to address.

I looked into many statistical relationships of heart diseasse in the world to better explain the importance of taking care of your heart and understanding your risk factors.

Most of the data gathering came from the American Heart Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Heart Foundation.

Through this project I learned a lot of statistics about heart disease that I didn't know previously. But I also learned through a few iterations with classmates that information is easily mis-interpretted if it's not presented in the right way.