Schoharie Area Long Term, Inc.

volunteer data visualization project for disaster relief organization

For this project we were visited by a representative from the Schoharie Area Long Term (SALT)development organization. Their mission is to rebuild local economies after natural disasters and prepare children and families for future disasters.They do a lot of work in the area of preparednes so that they are ready to serve and are built into emergency plans.

Through this short term project we worked with them to design a system for SALT to be able to identify and reach out to volunteers more efficiently. We began with a lot of reasearch about the data the SALT often needs to know when they're looking for volunteers. We narrowed it down to a few key variables, such as skill, location, experience, affiliation, religion, education, and marital status.

We created multiple views to map all of this data and help SALT to search and filter through it more easily.

The Location View allowed SALT to view all of the areas they cover and zoom in and out to see where they have the largest populations of volunteers and delve deeper into the detailed information on the collection of volunteers based on an area where they're looking for aid.

The Skills view enabled SALT to determine which areas and organizations have the highest concentration of selected skills. The information would be used to search for volunteers by a particular skill set as it's needed. It could also be used to target specific locations and organizations that often offer voluneers with the skills needed to aid in disaster recovery. Within this view SALT is also able to see the statistics around all of the variables by selecting data points of interest.

This program would help SALT to better understand the current state of their volunteers and plan for disaster relief efforts more efficiently.

The Team

  • Designer: Bridget Cohen
  • Designer: Ann Novelli